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The first international course SESDERMA Aesthetic and Regenerative Gynecology, which was held in Valencia (Spain) last summer, was a resounding success both for the quality of the speakers -from different countries around the world- and for the level of theoretical and practices that Dr. Gabriel Serrano, president and founder of Laboratorios SESDERMA, and his medical team offered to attendees. Indeed, during the intense work sessions, aesthetic medicine professionals who wanted to delve into the theoretical knowledge and practice of this specialty -some of whom came from Latin America- had the opportunity to learn from the experiences and explanations they shared. the speakers, all of them renowned doctors with a long history in this new field. This course enabled them to be able to offer this new specialty with its corresponding treatments in their respective clinics and opened up an unprecedented field of professional and job opportunities that has given them great satisfaction.

Given the excellent result of this training experience in Aesthetic Gynecology and in response to the demand that has been verified in Latin America, Dr. Serrano convenes the II SESDERMA International Course on Aesthetic and Regenerative Gynecology, to be held in Bayahíbe, in the Dominican Republic. , the next 25 and 26 September.

This is a unique opportunity so that -without it being necessary to travel to Europe- aesthetic medicine professionals from all over Latin America can be trained in the specific techniques of this specialty and can offer their patients a new advanced medical service.

Dr. Gabriel Serrano Clinic

With clinics in Valencia, Madrid, (Spain), as well as in the Dominican Republic, Bogotá (Colombia) and Dubai.

Dr. Gabriel Serrano Clinic, Dominican Republic
We are a Medical Center committed to offering comprehensive specialized health services at different levels of care, based on medical knowledge, at the forefront of scientific and technological advances.
Provide an excellent service, applying cutting-edge techniques to achieve total satisfaction with current demands and guaranteeing a functional, healthy and stable treatment. Our commitment is to the health of users, satisfying their needs.
Position ourselves as a model company in the presentation of health services, through a philosophy of constant improvement of all our processes.
  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Puntuality
  • Confidentiality
  • Humanized care
  • Acceptance of the particular reality of each user, in order to provide the required service with fairness and consideration.
  • Provide reliable medical care, to care for and preserve health.

Sesderma is a Spanish dermatology laboratory founded in 1989 by Dr. Gabriel Serrano, a world-renowned dermatologist.

In Sesderma, we are dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of dermocosmetics. And we do so through our highly specialized R&D.

For more than 30 years, Sesderma has led the formulation and manufacture of cutting-edge dermocosmetic solutions, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and results. The company has always been ahead of the market thanks to its visionary and pioneering essence, which makes it a benchmark in the use of active ingredients and the most revolutionary encapsulation technology (Nanotech).

Because in our laboratories we work by and for people, and our motto defines us Listening to your skin.

Presence in more than 80 countries. Sesderma is present in more than 80 countries and has more than 600 experts to maintain excellence. Its mission has always been to meet the most complex and specific needs of each skin, and enhance its beauty.


Sesderma is a world leader in highly effective dermo-cosmetic products. To understand the keys to the success of the company, we must understand the foundations that make up its culture:


It is the sum of the knowledge and experience of Dr. Serrano and his multidisciplinary team of experts. More than 600 medical professionals, chemists, engineers and specialists from different areas.


It means putting people above all else. Listening and understanding the needs of your skin is our motto: “Listening to your skin”


Dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that it offers a vast portfolio of dermocosmetic solutions for all skin types, attending from the simplest to the most complex needs.

More information in www.sesderma.com


Mediderma is the division of professional products and treatments that belongs to the Sesderma Group, founded by Dr. Gabriel Serrano in 1993. His vocation as a dermatologist has always been to solve skin problems thanks to innovation and closeness to the patient. For this reason, at Mediderma we support doctors and health professionals by offering them global solutions in the care of their patients’ skin.

Our professional products and treatments cover all areas of cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic medicine and dermatology, responding to all the needs of people’s skin. We focus our effort and dedication to the research, development and manufacture of products for medical use, with a great specialization in R&D and nanotechnology.

In addition, we have a specialized Medical Department that provides scientific support to all our clients, through training and collaborations with expert doctors in Aesthetic Medicine, Universities and Masters, as well as advising on therapy protocols, to help them maximize the results of their treatments.

Mediderma products are marketed in more than 80 countries. The group has 21 subsidiaries around the world. In the rest of the countries, the company markets its products through leading distributors in their market.

More information in www.mediderma.com

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THEORETICAL CONTENT at Sesderma Auditorium. Puzol: 600€ (only mornings)

FORMACIÓN TEÓRICA Streaming online en directo en el idioma de los ponentes – español o inglés: 500 € (solo mañanas). Acceso al streaming -en directo: 9am España CET (GMT+2h) / 2am Centro América CT (GMT-5h)

THEORETICAL CONTENT at Sesderma Auditorium. Puzol + HANDS -ON TRAINING at Dr. Gabriel Serrano Clinic. Valencia: 2500 € (both days)

MONOGRÁFICO Carboxiterapia íntima y regeneración vulvar y vaginal: 600 € (charla + prácticas en la Clínica). Día único 11 de julio

Assistance for Valencia Visa & Hotel accommodation will be provided on request.

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